Caring for Your Appliances: What Can You Do?

Caring for Your Appliances: What Can You Do?

Picture your everyday life: washing machines to wash clothes, air conditioning to keep us cool, or televisions to entertain. Appliances have become a part of our daily lives and we rely on them a lot to help us get things done.

But isn’t it a hindrance when an appliance breaks down? As with most things, appliances will get a lot of use and its parts and machinery may get worn down. This may account for unexpected spending and repair costs. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can use your appliances for a long time.

Here are some tips to keep them in their best shape.

Washing machine

When washing laundry, it’s better to wash in small batches to prevent the machine from overloading. While it seems like a good idea to wash laundry in bigger piles to save energy and water, overloading the machine could damage motors or other moving parts, which may be a costly repair for you.

Don’t slam the washer door, and keep the inside drum clean by wiping the surface at least once a week. This will prevent any residue or growth. Every quarter, clean up any grease and dirt from the inside of the machine and water pipes with the hottest wash sans clothes.

When doing the laundry, take the time to understand the different settings. There are usually three: normal, medium, and strong. Learning the settings can not only protect your clothes and machine from damage.


Don’t overload your fridge with food items so that the compressor doesn’t overwork. Clean up any spilled food with warm water, especially on the fridge gaskets. The gasket helps to keep the fridge door sealed shut to keep food fresh and cold. And when closing the door, be gentle, don’t slam it shut. A broken fridge door can cost you a lot of money, be it by repairs or even through the electricity bill.

It’s very important to keep your refrigerator’s condenser coils clean and cool. The coils are usually found at the back of your refrigerator, and help to lessen energy usage. Any accumulated dirt may cause it to run hotter than it usually does, thus using more energy. This may also damage the coils and reduce its lifespan.

As much as it’s fun to stare at food or stand in front of the fridge door, don’t keep it open. Whenever you open it, warm air gets in. Once this happens, the refrigerator has to use up more energy to cool it down. So always keep the door closed.


If you frequently use microwaves to heat food, make sure that the inside and outside are clean. This is to prevent any food buildup that may cause bad smells or corrosions in the interior. Any buildup may also cause the machine to be less efficient, hence using more energy.

When heating food, always use microwave-safe containers. Anything with metal may cause the interior to heat up quickly and cause damage to the microwave. If your microwave happens to break, hire an appliance repairman available in your area.

When you take the time to take care of our appliances, you can save thousands in dollars and keep your home up and running.