Burglarproof Your Home the Right Way

Burglarproof Your Home the Right Way

Burglarproof Your HomeOur home is full of valuables; from the people we live with, to the material belongings we put in it. This is why you do your best to make sure these valuables are safe and protected, and that includes burglarproofing the property.

Home invasions have been on a decline in recent years, down 10.1 percent when compared with the 2004 estimate, according to FBI data. Even with this trend, though, it is still prudent to always keep safe.

Making sure the right security measures are in place requires a few steps. Here’s where to start.

Start with the door

Securing the door should be one of the priorities, as this is the most common entryway for break-ins. Burglars pass through the front door 34% of the time and 22% via the back door.

We suggest you get a deadbolt, which is one of the easiest and most affordable security measure. Go for the high-quality ones as these are worth more than the price. Make it a habit to lock it even during daytime and when there are people in the house.

For sliding doors, install metal bars on the bottom track. This provides a two-level security that is a big deterrent for burglars looking for the easy way in.

Secure the Perimeter

Salt Lake City-based home protection solutions provider Elite Home recommends having your property monitored 24/7. There are a lot of alarm systems today that combine CCTV systems, door locks, garage activation, and other home security measures into one comprehensive system.

These let you monitor your home round the clock, via a convenient device, usually your smartphone.

Light it Up

Keep your entryways and surrounding areas lit. Burglars often break into houses unseen by literally lurking in the dark.

Use your landscape lightings to provide illumination around your house. You can even take it a step further by using motion sensor lights.

Cover Up

The curtains, that is. Thieves often get deterred when they cannot see the inside of the house—be it the valuables or the homeowners. Curtains, blinds, and other window treatments are an ingenious way to discourage these criminals.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and this also applies to home safety. A few preventive measures are all it takes to burglarproof your house and keep your valuables secure.


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