When You Move In: Why You Need to Change the Locks after Buying a House

When You Move In: Why You Need to Change the Locks after Buying a House

door locksIt is no secret that buying a home is a huge step, not to mention a special life event. Anyone would be ecstatic to place the furniture, hang the artworks, and clean the rooms. Even before the day homebuyers move in, they already think happy thoughts. As a matter of fact, most of them would be dreaming about the relaxing moments they will spend on the living room, porch or kitchen.

Such situations, however, is not always rainbows and butterflies. Moving into a new home comes with great responsibility. This simply means security and safety should be your first concern, as the idea of intruders having an easy and quick access to your home is frightening. This is the reason a properly locked door is a homeowner’s defense against burglars.

Read on to know the importance of changing locks the moment you move into your new home.

To Ensure Security and Privacy

While you may trust the previous owner, you do not know how many times the keys have been lost. It is daunting to live in a home where you cannot trust the security system. With the help of a reliable locksmith Miami Beach homeowners go to, you will feel relieved of not becoming a victim of break-ins. No matter where you move, changing locks is important to your home’s safety.

Current Locks are Worn

It’s necessary to change the locks when the current one is old, rusty or poor quality. You may be unsure about its durability, so choose a new lock and let a professional install it. A damaged lock will put you and your family at risk of robbery.

The Key Covers All Rooms

Intruders will access your premises and take all your belongings with a single key, especially if your door is steel. You have a simple solution if you are afraid of the extra copies of your key floating around: re-keying. Do not install a new door lock that opens all the rooms in your home. You are only exposing yourself unnecessary when a thief who could gain access to your universal key can open all your doors.

Your home is supposed to be your family’s safest zone. Without a doubt, there is a necessity to change all locks after buying the house.


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