Wireless People Counters: Easier Collection of Data

Wireless People Counters: Easier Collection of Data

Retail outlets determineCrowd the number of people who enter the store generally through the use of modern people counters. These are mechanisms normally placed at the entrance of the store. People counters are designed using various technologies, including thermal imaging, infrared beams, pressure sensitive mats, and wireless technology. In retail especially, counting the number of people entering a store helps gather data to determine conversion rates and various other data important for business development.
that use wireless technology offer retailers an easy solution to keep a track of numbers. Also called infrared beam people counters, these devices emit a beam of light across the entrance. Each time the beam of light is broken, the device adds on to the count. These can be installed on the side beam or on the top of the door. Generally, overhead counters are considered to be more reliable.

Industry experts say the advantages of using wireless counters include, but are not limited to the following

  • Easy and clean installation – since there are no wires required, these counters merely need to be fixed on a beam of the entrance door. The installation is simple, quick, and neat. These devices are powered by batteries, and generally do not require an electrical power source.
  • The wireless device can be combined with thermal camera devices to determine data in real time.
  • Several wireless devices store the data collected in terms of hours, days, weeks, months and years as well. This kind of grouped data is useful in determining various aspects, such as when the conversion rate is higher.
  • Wireless counting devices can even be effectively installed on narrow doorways, without the clutter of wires.
  • Many wireless devices transmit data via an internal transmitter, allowing for easy retrieval of data and monitoring of the system. Settings of the device sensor can also be configured via USB.

Wireless people counters can be used in a number of different locations to keep a record of the numbers of people entering and exiting the place. Apart from retail outlets, they are also used online via social media, in libraries, fitness centers, and other commercial establishments.


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