Security Matters: Putting an End to Break-ins with Deadbolts

Security Matters: Putting an End to Break-ins with Deadbolts

DeadboltsIn the modern world, home security elicits the idea of complex sensors with a high-alert security agency. While adding extra protection is necessary, some home security experts believe that a couple of locks could be enough to deter most crimes. As most of the burglaries involve forced entry, finding a solution that will stop the burglar is the simplest approach to implementing domestic safety.

Let’s go over the ways you can put up a strong defense against intruders:

A Good Lock Can Make All the Difference

Any professional locksmith in Coral Gables would tell you how important a deadbolt or any other strong lock is to securing your property. You don’t have to go with complex combination locks or a smart lock with a motion sensor; sometimes, all you need is a robust deadbolt on the right type of door and frame.

A Deadbolt is a Dead End for Intruders

A simple deadbolt consists of a steel lock that will slide into a plate-covered hole in the doorframe. The most common design has a knob that moves the deadbolt from the inside, with a key for locking and opening the door from the outside. This simple but effective contraption is one of the strongest locks in the market.

Deadbolt on a Strong Door Creates a Reliable Combination

A strong deadbolt on a weak door is pure futility. Matching the strength of your outside door with a deadbolt removes any weak link in your home’s defense. If you’re planning to install a deadbolt, make sure you reinforce the door first.

Hiring a professional locksmith will ensure that you make the right mix of strength between these two. As the deadbolt can work with a wide variety of locking technologies, always keep your eyes open for the latest solutions that will enhance your home’s security.


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