Living Alone: Benefits and Security Concerns

Living Alone: Benefits and Security Concerns

Benefits and Security Concerns in Solo LivingThe number of people choosing to live alone has been rising in recent years. This phenomenon is getting more attention because more women are now doing it too.

There are many reasons people may choose solo living – no family or roommates – and there are also just as many benefits.

  • You become more independent and strong-willed.
  • You learn to face your fear of being alone or fear of darkness.
  • You don’t have to answer to anybody, don’t have to pick up for someone else or worry that your cereal bowl on the countertop will earn someone’s ire.
  • For many, true relaxation only comes when they are by themselves, able to put their feet up, without anybody calling for them to run errands or to change into something more presentable.
  • You may learn other skills like cooking, designing your own apartment, etc.
  • You have time to do what you want, such as reading or marathon watching, or work from home in your pyjamas.

Some would say solo living also comes with disadvantages, or that the benefits of living with someone outweigh the benefits of living alone. For those who love having their home to themselves, however, there is just nothing better.

One thing you should be sure about, though: your security. As you are alone, intruders and burglars are more likely to think you or your home is an easier target, warns an expert from Robinsons Locksmiths. Protect your privacy and security with these suggestions.

  • Don’t ignore a broken lock on a door or a window. One call to a locksmith service in Bellevue Hill and your problem is solved. If it’s a new apartment, or you have reason to believe you may be in danger of a break-in, ask your locksmith to replace or add more locks, like deadbolts.
  • Install an alarm system. There are alarm systems specifically built for apartments, with minimal installation requirements. Ask your landlord about allowing such security systems in your apartment.
  • Be friendly to your neighbours, but know your limits. Your neighbours may save you from an intrusion by informing you of their suspicions or by calling the police. So be friendly, but choose whom you trust. Don’t let just anybody into your apartment, especially in the middle of the night and you barely know the person.
  • If you live in a house with a yard, build a perimeter fence. A perimeter fence with cameras can deter most criminals from choosing you as a mark. If someone does try to break in, you’ll be alerted by an alarm and the footage captured by your cameras will serve as evidence.

It’s a fantastic feeling to live alone and be free to do whatever you want when you want to. But it comes with responsibility, primarily involving your own security.