The Green Choice: Three Ways to Go Eco-Friendly on Your Home Design

The Green Choice: Three Ways to Go Eco-Friendly on Your Home Design

houseEco-friendly homes are more than just a trend. Many people choose these types of homes to contribute to the global movement towards environmental conservation and protection. You are not just doing yourself a favour if you’re using an eco-friendly design for your new home; you are also helping the planet.

Whether you are building a new abode or just having a home makeover, there are many innovative ways to make your home eco-friendly.

Start with the following steps:

Save the trees

It is always wise to save the trees when building a new home or an extension. Find a way to limit the numbers of trees that you will cut down by using a strategic design and placement of the structure. For instance, you can build your deck around a big tree. This will not only provide you a natural shade for your outdoor area, but will also make your home cooler and help you save on cooling costs.

Go for sustainable flooring

Going green does not always mean patronising natural over synthetic or artificial products, as the sustainable home builders of Perth’s explain. You also need to think about the sustainability of the materials. Premium wood floors are always charming, but they are not as renewable as bamboo floors. Linoleum, cork and reclaimed wood are also green options and can be as equally stylish as timber.

Go small but tall

Design your home for a small footprint. A structure with small but tall design is a great idea. As it uses an upward expansion, it requires a grid of small holes for the building’s foundation instead of a large crater. An airy rooftop terrace that rises on the same level with or above the trees around your house will surely be your favourite spot.

There are many other ways to build your new house without sacrificing options. Seek assistance from experienced builders to discuss eco-friendly home designs.