Gutter Materials: Options You May Consider

Gutter Materials: Options You May Consider

Man cleaning aluminum gutter

If you are noticing water damage after a downpour, then you probably need to have your entire gutter system replaced.

Since rain gutters come in a variety of materials, it can be nerve-wracking for you when trying to identify the best gutter system and material for your house. The best way to do this is by talking to your rain gutter service provider to seek counsel on what is best for the type of structure that you have. Here are options that your provider may propose to you.

Aluminum Gutters

This ranks among the most popular types of gutters today. It owes its popularity to its rustproof and lightweight nature and ease of installation. Additionally, aluminum can withstand all weather conditions and can be stained or painted to suit the theme color of your home. However, to ensure that you enjoy all the above benefits, select primary aluminum quality as it is not prone to dents as opposed to its recycled counterpart. Aluminum gutters are available in both ordinary and seamless models.

Stainless Steel Gutters

While they come with a heftier price tag, stainless steel gutters are worth every penny you spend. The reason being is that they are the strongest of all gutters and they never rust regardless of the weather condition. Moreover, they require minimal to no maintenance to keep them in a good working condition. Therefore, if you reside in a windy or snow-prone area, stainless steel gutters are the way to go.

Vinyl Gutters

This has slowly but continuously gained popularity among homeowners. They are preferred due to their non-rusting nature and affordability. They are easy to install, too. However, homeowners are highly advised against DYI installation of vinyl gutters because there is a chance that you will not get it right, which may cause water pooling in certain sections of your roof. While vinyl gutters are functional, they are not a good option for anyone living in a cold climate as they tend to crack over a long period.

Zinc Gutters

Zinc gutter drainageThis gutter type is an alloy made from 99.5% zinc and tiny bits of copper and titanium. Normally, zinc will be used unpainted as it develops a protective patina, which shields the gutter from corrosion and weathering. While zinc gutters are more expensive than aluminum gutters, zinc gutters last twice as long as the aluminum gutters. Moreover, zinc gutters require minimal maintenance and no painting at all.

Galvalume Gutters

This is made of steel as the primary metal and coated using zinc and aluminum. The result is a highly durable and sturdy gutter that has long-term corrosion resistance. The coating is 45% zinc and 55% aluminum and is evenly applied on the steel through a continuous dipping process. Depending on where you live, galvalume gutters can last up to nine times more compared to galvanized steel.

After deciding on the material to use on your gutters, you can now engage your service provider for installation. Remember to choose the right gutter size and avoid creating too many seams and hanging up the hangers far apart. This ensures that your gutters are as functional as possible and that they last for as long as possible.