Epic Games Store Unveiling Free Video Games for Last Week of July

Epic Games Store Unveiling Free Video Games for Last Week of July

The effects of video games on people’s health and well-being have long been debated. One side highlights its negative influence on promoting aggressive behaviour and social isolation. Meanwhile, the other party emphasises the benefits of video games since they can boost learning, skills development, and improve one’s mental health. Dr. Doug Gentile, an award-winning research scientist who specialises in the effects of media, agrees with both the positive and negative sides to video games. He explains that, like in any activity, both sides can exist simultaneously. People can reap the benefits and avoid harmful consequences by being mindful of the amount, content, structure, mechanics, and context.

Whichever stance you adopt regarding video games, there’s no question about their ability to showcase different worlds and experiences. There’s no limit to what characters you can portray when playing video games. You can be a well-trusted security agent tasked to evict illegal travelers from private land or a charismatic space commander who is the last line of defense from an alien invasion. Whatever story you’re into, there’s a video game waiting for you.

Epic Games is one of the popular digital storefronts that people can get their choice of video games. Launched in late 2018, their fame or infamy — depending on whom you ask — is attributed to their aggressive strategies in toppling the 17-year monopoly of Steam, their biggest competitor. They bought exclusivity rights from developers, offered a more favorable cut from profits for creators, and enticed gamers to their storefront with weekly giveaways of video games.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, shared in a Gamespot interview the effectiveness of their methods. The storefront is seeing more sign-ups due to the free games, and developers are also enjoying increased sales on other platforms when they offered their game as a freebie on the Epic Store. No matter the reason, the freebies program benefits gamers with a vast collection of their enjoyment.

How can you get these free games?

Users can keep any game they availed through the store forever as long as they signed up for an account. New games are released every Thursday at 11 ETD / 8 PTD, with sneak peeks to next week’s freebies. Popular indie games like the Escapists franchise and Triple-A titles like Grand Theft Auto V have been available through the program. Gamers can amass a good collection just by checking the storefront every week.

For this week, though, the following games are available for grabs:

Next Up Hero

With the indie studio Digital Continue as its developer, Next Up Hero is an action-packed dungeon crawler. Players can choose from a colourful cast of heroes with special powers and abilities and use them to fight their way through evil monsters. The right gear and well-balanced stats can spell the difference between a difficult playthrough and being victorious in the face of evil.


VR game concept

Tacoma is Fullbright’s gorgeous follow-up to their well-acclaimed exploration video game Gone Home. Players adopt the role of Amy as she tries to discover what happened to the crew of an abandoned space station, with the help of mysterious artificial intelligence at her side. Clues can be found by reviewing the available recordings, which shows the actions and conversations of the people aboard the station. Tacoma was praised for its emotional story, interesting characters, and beautiful art style.

Video games will always be an influential piece of media to society. It is up to the players to manage their effects, whether favouring the positive or the negative consequences. In the meantime, storefronts like Epic Games continue to make video games accessible to the public through deals and freebies.