Not All Desks are Created Equal: Choosing an Office Desk

Not All Desks are Created Equal: Choosing an Office Desk

DeskThe desk is among the top types of office furniture that can affect work productivity and employee health. Like office chairs, business owners should give their employees the most appropriate desk for them to work effectively. Here are some things you need to take note of when buying office desks:

Know the Ergonomics

Proper desk height is important to avoid straining the arms when typing for prolonged periods. Choose desks that have keyboard trays or drawers if possible. The desk should have enough legroom, so your employees won’t distance their bodies from the desk and cause improper posture. Make sure that the space underneath is enough to stretch their legs. Quality Used Office Furniture added that it’s ideal to check the edges before buying, as these might lead to unforeseen accidents.

Classify the Workload

The right desk can make a difference regardless of the workload and working style of your employees. If their tasks involve using the computer for the whole day, you should choose desks that have built-in holes for the wiring and enough space for the CPU, keyboard, and mouse. If their tasks involve a large amount of paperwork, an L-shaped or U-shaped desk is ideal for additional space.

Choose the Surface

1. Laminate – This plastic finish applied to a wood core is durable, affordable, and available in different colors and wood grain. For a more long lasting desk, it’s best to choose a thick and high-pressure laminate.

2. Veneer – This involves a thin layer surface of wood glued to an inferior base. Despite its higher price, it’s popular for its attractive appearance. The only downside is it isn’t ideal for heavy use.

3. Metal – This is a good choice for high-traffic areas and long-term heavy use. Its appearance may not be appealing in a professional setting, though.

When buying a new or used office desk, it’s best to choose based on the type of job you and your employees are doing. As such, there will be no complaints at work due to poor workstations.


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