Choosing a Water Cooler for the Office

Choosing a Water Cooler for the Office

water cooler dispenserWater is the elixir of life; without it, man cannot survive. Given the variety of artificially-flavoured drinks and juices out in the market today, however, people are forgetting just how important H2O is. Many are choosing to ‘hydrate’ their bodies with soft drinks and fruit juices. This is a problem because these alternatives will only do the body more harm than good.

Homes and offices across the country need to encourage family members and colleagues to start drinking more water. How? The answer is by getting a new water cooler. says water coolers come in a variety of types and designs. If you are thinking of buying a water cooler for your office, then here are some tips to help you choose a good one:

The Type of Water Cooler

Understand that there are different types of water coolers available today. For example, some have a water inlet attached to the unit. With these, there are no hassles of loading water bottles time and again. Top load coolers that need you to place a bottle of water inverted at the top. Bottom load coolers where the bottle sits at the bottom, is out of sight and consumes less space.

Some Factors to Consider

To decide on the type of water cooler that will work best, you need to take some of the following thoughts into account:

  • Is bottled water available around your office area?
  • Water inlet availability – do you have the provision to tap a water source for the cooler?
  • Space availability – do you have adequate space for a top loaded cooler?
  • Budget – top loaded coolers are by far the least expensive.
Features to Look For

Next, look at the features available with the type of water cooler you plan to get.

  • Purification system—it is ideal to choose a cooler with a filtration kit.
  • Cup holder—these will make using the unit more convenient.
  • Drip tray—these will prevent a mess around the cooler.

Buy a water cooler with these features and points in mind and rest assured that you will be making a worthy investment for your employees.


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