Workplace Design Considerations

Workplace Design Considerations

To encourage better performance, experts suggest designing an office space that is both functional and comfortable. You can achieve this by considering the design elements that can impact your workplace positively, like office partitioning for privacy and focus, and creating strategies to support the work being done.

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Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort is achieved with the right combination of airflow, temperature, and humidity. Provide advanced thermal controls over ambient conditions and consider under floor air. The ideal temperature in the office is 70.88 degrees Fahrenheit.


People feel stressed when they feel crowded. The use of partitioning, plants, furniture, and other decorative elements reduces the perception of crowding in the workplace. The Caretakers, an office renovation service in Perth, offers office partitioning installation, refurbishments and fit-outs.

Noise Control

Allow your employees to control noise by providing access to rooms with doors or acoustical separation when needed. Separate centralised, energetic, and noisy areas from quiet spaces and create opportunities for people to come together without disturbing their colleagues.

Access to nature

Research suggests that people prefer to be surrounded by nature, which provides sources of sensory change and variation. Place indoor plants on work tables and in the corners, and provide outdoor areas where employees can take breaks and relax.