Now Showing at Home: 3 Ways to Build a Home Theater on a Budget

With movie tickets becoming more and more costly, a trip to the theater is turning into a luxury for many. A huge screen and high quality sound – factors that make the cinema experience special, but you can also have those in your own home. With a little extra work, you can put together a home theater without overspending.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Building A Home Theater

Flat screen TV vs. Projector

The video system is the heart of the movie room. You don’t have to go beyond your budget with the latest electronics, though. A projector is more affordable than a big LED flat-screen television. Unlike TVs, it’s easier to move a projector outdoors for an evening of movies under the stars. Don’t worry about the screen; project the video onto a wall and setup a comfy chair.

Furniture options

Custom-made movie theater seats are luxurious, but they come with a heavy price tag. You can buy affordable furnishings at trusted furniture stores such as IKEA, Macy’s, or Southwest Surplus. Many home entertainment seats have optional wedge arms to create a curved row.

Speakers and a subwoofer

When you’re buying speakers, you might as well get a surround sound system, instead of a pair of stereo speakers. You need at least five small speakers and a subwoofer. You don’t need to buy the priciest sound system for your home. You can find a setup that works just fine without costing a fortune.

Home theaters are no longer only an extravagance for famous celebrities and other rich people. With affordable technology and furnishings, many families are enjoying a true movie theater experience without leaving home.