Home Sweet Home: Simple Ways You Could Make Your House Smell Good

Home Sweet Home: Simple Ways You Could Make Your House Smell Good

People are obsessed with scents. We remember most things because of how they smell. The sense of smell can elicit the most intense reactions out of people — whether they are really good or really bad. So, creating a good ‘signature’ scent for your home would be an amazing idea. Imagine entering your home and smelling your favourite scent at first step, and then grow accustomed to it – it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Besides, it would leave a great first impression on people who would visit your house. They would also remember your house whenever they smell something similar, so that means leaving an imprint on them, and they might try it too!

This particular goal of making your house smell amazing would, of course, need the support of a great home ventilation systems for lasting purposes – they are extremely helpful too in filtering the moisture of the air compared to natural ventilation, and is also really worth it.

Here are some ways you could make your home smell amazing:

Make Your Simmer Stove

With several pots and pans that you have in your kitchen, spare one to make this particular way possible, or make use of one saucepan that is no longer useful to you. Cut citrus and herbs to achieve the lavender or mint scent, add water, put them in the saucepan, and simmer them. The heat would help spread the sweet scent all over your house. You could always choose a particular scents that you want for the same process too!

Create Your Scent-Filled Jars

This is the same thing with the same process as the one with the simmer, but instead of a saucepan, they go in glass jars or mason jars. Fill the jar with simmering water and explore your choices of scent with other ingredients like cinnamon, apples, or strawberry, to make your house smell like Christmas.

Get Scented Candles (But place them strategically!)

Scented candlesWhen thinking of making your home smell amazing, candles are always in the top choices. There are so many stores selling different kinds of candles with different scents for people to have more choices. The thing is though, the problem is not with the variety of candles or scents, but the placing of these candles. Some are not effective if they are not placed in the proper room. Also, you do not want to sacrifice your house’s safety just for the sake of it smelling good, so buy scented candles but do not light them. Place them in closets or any storage rooms where you place your fabrics so that it may be able to absorb the scent and last long. Every time you enter this room, you would always be greeted with that amazing scent, and at the same time, have your linens carry that same scent longer.

Place the Scent in your Vents

Just like putting a freshener or a deodorizer in your car, you may put one in the metal slats of your air vents to help the scent (whatever it is your pick) to spread quickly throughout your house as the air blows.

Making your house smell good is not difficult or expensive; you need the right hacks to make the scent last longer.