Different Types of Shoulder Injuries and How to Treat Them

Different Types of Shoulder Injuries and How to Treat Them


You might not pay attention to your shoulder unless you have sunburn. Shoulders are also associated with hair length. For example, a woman may request to cut her hair at “shoulder length.” There are also kinds of apparel that expose the beauty of a woman’s shoulder.

Our shoulders are more than just for aesthetic purposes. It serves an important purpose for our body. Shoulder injuries may not be as common as knee injuries. However, it can cause discomfort and make simple tasks painful and complicated.

In worse cases, shoulder replacement surgery may be needed. In Orem, there are surgeons who can help treat shoulder pains. It varies in pain level, but should be treated to prevent complications.

Common shoulder injuries

There are different types of shoulder injuries. Regardless of the type, those who suffer from shoulder injuries may experience the following:

  • Stiffness – when you have a hard time rotating your arms without feeling any pain
  • Popping sound or sensation – when you hear or feel a “pop” when you rotate your arms
  • Pain – when you have a hard time carrying things or doing anything that creates an impact on the shoulder

Meanwhile, the common shoulder injuries include the following:

  • Rotator cuff impingement – occurs due to irritation or inflammation of shoulder tendons. It may be due to an injury or frequent use in a person’s everyday life.
  • Rotator cuff tear – occurs due to a tear on the shoulder tendon. It can either be a partial tear or a full tear. Regardless, it can cause intense pain or even temporary immobility on the affected area.
  • Adhesive capsulitis – also known as “frozen shoulder.” This condition is due to the stiffening of the tissues surrounding the shoulder joint. It is more common in women and people with diabetes and high cholesterol.
  • Calcific tendinitis – occurs due to calcium deposits accumulated around the rotator cuff tendons. This painful condition is common in older adults and people with diabetes.
  • Osteoarthritis – commonly associated with the knees, but can also occur on the shoulders. Simple stretching exercises can help alleviate the pain, as well as taking medications and surgery when needed.

Treating shoulder pain

therapist massaging the shoulder

Shoulder pain might also be due to other causes such as neck pain and arthritis. However, it is important to seek medical advice when you experience shoulder pain. Early detection and prevention are the keys to treat this condition.

There are a lot of shoulder exercises you can try to alleviate shoulder pain. Among these exercises include:

  • Shoulder stretch
  • Tricep stretch
  • Chest stretch
  • Shoulder strengthening (use elastic tubing)
  • Shoulder press-ups
  • Wall push-ups

For the stretching exercises, you can do them either standing or seated. Make sure to do the stretching gently to avoid injuring yourself further. Consult a doctor so he or she will provide the right medication for your shoulder pain.

The shoulder is more than just to enhance aesthetic value. Maintain a healthy shoulder is important so we can move properly. A healthy shoulder also offers support when we lift or carry something.

Otherwise, simple shoulder pain can hamper our daily lives. It is best to address the issue once you feel any signs of shoulder pain and prevent further complications.