The Best Ways to Avoid Common Sports Injuries

The Best Ways to Avoid Common Sports Injuries

Many sports carry the risk of injury. Even mild sports like badminton can cause a sprained ankle or a pulled muscle. If you are fond of playing sports, you should know how to avoid injuries related to them.

Partaking in sports is an ideal way to stay fit and healthy. However, with the fun and exercise that we get from sports also comes the risk of injury. Not all injuries require a trip to an experienced ACL doctor in Provo or any other location, but for more severe knee injuries, you will need to undergo surgery. Sports-related injuries can’t always be prevented, but you can significantly reduce the risk if you take some precautions.

Here are the most common injuries you can get while playing sports and how to avoid them.

1. Sprained ankle

Almost everyone who plays sports has experienced a sprained ankle at some point. Although it is very easy to get a sprained ankle, this injury is typically minor and easy to heal.

A sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments are overstretched, which is common in sports that require a player to turn quickly. You would know that you’ve sprained your ankle if you feel a throbbing pain in that area, which can also be accompanied by swelling or bruising. To avoid straining your ankle, wear shoes that offer support and fit correctly on your feet. It also helps if you avoid running on uneven surfaces and wearing an ankle brace if you’ve sprained your ankle before.

2. Pulled muscles

Pulled or strained muscles are some of the most painful injuries that one can get from sports. It happens when your muscles are stretched beyond their standard stretching point, and it usually occurs in the hamstrings and groin.

To avoid pulling your muscles, it’s crucial that you warm up properly before every game. Take some time to get your muscles loosened up and your blood flowing before pushing your body.

3. Knee injuries

athlete with a knee injuryInjury of the knee is another common sports-related injury that can potentially warrant a surgery. The two most common knee injuries are the runner’s knee and an ACL tear. A runner’s knee, also known as the patellofemoral syndrome, is when the tendons below the knee get inflamed and irritated. On the other hand, an ACL tear is the tear or sprain of the anterior cruciate ligament, which is one of the major ligaments in the knees.

Both of these injuries can heal on their own given time and rest, but severe cases may require surgery. To avoid injuring your knee, it helps to wear supportive shoes and do cross-training to minimize the knees’ overuse. You can also try lifting weights to strengthen your legs and stretching to maximize flexibility.

4. Lower back pain

Lower back pain can have many potential causes. In sports, lower back pain usually arises from the lack of proper stretching or warm-up. Athletes who do a lot of cycling, running, golfing and tennis are prone to this type of injury.

Back pain can range from mild to unbearable. Although there are instances where lower back injuries cannot be prevented, it is recommended that you do a proper warm-up and stretches to minimize the risk.

Sports injuries cannot be prevented at all times. However, the risk of getting injured can be minimized with a few simple precautions.