Common Causes of Ankle and Foot Pain Among Men

Common Causes of Ankle and Foot Pain Among Men

Top view of man's feetThe best treatment options for painful feet and ankles arise from an accurate diagnosis of the problem. Treatment that is targeted and specific offers the best results. Pain in the ankles and feet can be disabling since the person is limited in his mobility.

Final Kick Ankle & Foot explains that an orthopedic surgeon and foot specialist can help you with the problem. Before consulting, you can learn something about the pain you are experiencing now.

Arch pain

The human foot is a complicated combination of bone, muscle, tendon, and nerve. The early sign of pain is usually diffused and the origin may not be obvious at first. Pain originating from the arch may radiate to other parts, but you will be able to isolate the pain when you press on the arch and feet that is tender.

Problems with the arch may arise from wearing the wrong footwear or from an acute injury. Weight gain may also be the cause of arch pain. The most common diagnosis given to pain and inflammation of this part of the foot is plantar fasciitis.

Heel pain

Pain concentrated on the heel of the foot typically involves the calcaneus, which is the heel bone. Repetitive stress due to physical activity occurs over time. Most men who develop stress injury of the heel bone incur the problem due to associated problems of instability and lack of flexibility. The abnormal strain on the foot structures contributes to the stress injury on the bone that bears most of the body’s weight in the upright posture.

Toe pain

The pain on the big toe is most commonly attributed to gout, which is a type of arthritis characterized by swelling and severe pain. Deposits of crystal in the joint cause the symptoms and the big toe of the foot is the primary site affected.

You can learn more about these conditions from an orthopedic doctor near you. Do not hesitate to ask for an expert opinion for accurate diagnosis and effective management of the symptoms.