Knee Pain Mistakes to Avoid

Knee Pain Mistakes to Avoid

Woman with knee painAre you doing your best to live a full, active life with knee pain? Whether your pain is due to a recent injury or a condition you have had for years, avoiding some common missteps can make things easier.

Here are five knee pain mistakes you need to avoid:

Not getting expert advice

Is your knee pain new? You will risk additional damage if you try to deal with knee trouble alone. Diagnosing knee pain begins with a medical history and physical examination followed by X-rays and scans.

To make a final and more accurate diagnosis, your doctor may send you for an arthroscopy here in Provo.

Gaining additional weight

Extra weight adds strain to the knees and increases the risk of injuries and painful arthritis. Fortunately, even moderate weight loss can significantly reduce the stress on your knees.

Resting too much

Joint pain and fatigue seem like good reasons to spend too much time on the couch. However, while you need to relax a sore knee, too much idle time can weaken your muscles. Consequently, joint pain, stiffness, and fatigue become worse.

Regular exercise is vital for joint health. Accordingly, find a safe exercise program and stick with it. If you have arthritis or recently underwent a knee arthroscopy, follow the plan suggested by your rheumatologist, surgeon or therapist.

Risking a fall

A fall can cause extra knee damage. Since your painful or unstable knee increases your risk of falls, take precautions. Simple precautions that can lower your chances of falling include a well-lit home, handrails on your staircases and slip-proof flooring.

Wearing the wrong shoes

Are you letting your footwear make knee trouble worse? Low-heeled shoes with soft, rubber soles are your best bet. If you are living with knee osteoarthritis, talk to your doctor about special insoles that help reduce stress on the knees.

And remember to throw out shoes once their support and tread wear out.

With all that knees have to go through each day, it is not surprising that they sometimes run into trouble. Knowing what to do and what to avoid when knee pain hits can make a huge difference.