Sprains & Strains: Injuries You May Face with a DIY Move

Sprains & Strains: Injuries You May Face with a DIY Move

Sprains & StrainsFor many moving individuals and families, it is common to fall into the temptation of completing the task on your own or with the help of friends and other family members. This shouldn’t be the case, however.

Unless you or they have a license and the training necessary for carrying out such laborious work, you should hire professional movers in Salt Lake City or anywhere you live instead. The leading reason for this is, without their help, you put everyone at risk of suffering from injuries like sprains and strains. These can occur due to incorrect lifting and improper carrying of items, especially with heavy loads such as furniture and other sizeable equipment and items.

Understanding Sprains and Strains

A sprain refers to ligament injuries, occurring due to tearing or overstretching. When you make the mistake of lifting or carrying a heavy load the wrong way, it can cause damage to one or more of your ligaments. Strains, on the other hand, are injuries to tendons or muscles. Overstretching your tendons or muscles can partially or completely tear these vital bodily parts, also causing pain and limited movement.

Sprains and strains, like any other injury, come with pain, which is the last thing you want to feel during a supposedly fun and exciting event in your life: the big move.

Moving-related Accidents Leading to Sprains and Strains

Before, during, and after the move, you may find yourself slipping, tripping, and falling and unfortunately suffer from a sprain. You may likewise develop a sprain when you suddenly twist while carrying boxes and other heavy loads.

Acute strains are common amongst people who have attempted to give everything associated with a move “a go.” Trauma, injuries, incorrect lifting of heavy objects, and over-stressing or using your muscles can all lead to muscle and tendon strains.

Now that you know the risks involved in a DIY move, you should already realize the value of leaving these tasks in the hands of people specializing in them.