Alternatives to a Face Lift at the Dentist

face lift concept on a woman's faceThe dental clinic in W1 is not only about teeth. These days, the West End dentist offers cosmetic rejuvenation for the face, as well as a healthy, shining smile.

Many a dental clinic in W1 offers what’s known as facial aesthetics. These non-surgical treatments that improve the look of the facial skincan be done and dusted in under an hour, with minimal discomfort, at surgeries such as Harley Street Dental Clinic. They aren’t however, a permanent fix. They need to be topped-up after a few months. But in a way, this is also a benefit. It gives the patient the chance to see if they like the effect and want to repeat it or not.

Why go to the dental clinic in W1 for facial aesthetics?

The dentist may not be an obvious first choice for such procedures, but they are actually very well-qualified to perform them. First of all, dentists study the complex anatomy of the face in detail. They know exactly where each muscle is located, meaning they can inject Botox or a dermal filler in just the right place to give the most natural-looking effect.

Dentists also give injections every day, so have no problem in delivering the cosmetic treatments that call for needles. And, they have a lot of experience in dealing with nervous patients and as such, know how to put them at ease.

If a patient has had other treatment at the dental clinic in W1, it also gives continuity of care, as their notes can easily be passed onto the relevant dentist. And if they have had cosmetic dental work done, chances are that the same clinician will carry out their facial aesthetics treatment.

What are facial aesthetics?

There are many treatments under this category. The two most common ones are Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is the brand name for an injection of botulinum toxin type A. This purified protein paralyses the nerves that cause wrinkles.

Dermal fillers plump up the skin with synthetic hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally-occurring substance that the body produces less of over time. A dermal filler gives the face back that plump, youthful sheen.