Here Are Simple Ways to Foster Your Child’s Intelligence

Here Are Simple Ways to Foster Your Child’s Intelligence

Teacher and children

You are doing the very best for your child, and it is your wish to see them become intelligent as they grow. That is every parent’s greatest wish for their little ones.

There are several habits and activities that you can do to contribute to their mental development as they grow from infants through to teenage.

Introduce them to books

Introducing your children to books early enough improves their intelligence and vocabulary. Allow them to read along with you as they grow. Put attention to the words and pronunciations.

When they are old enough, you can buy them school chairs popular in Australia and have them read the books by themselves. This creates a conducive atmosphere for reading and improves the child concentration and reading skills.

Also, encourage them to talk about books, for example, share their thoughts about a book and hat they see in it.

Play some music

Research has revealed that playing music instrument improves a child’s brain, spurs their creativity, and motivates their sense of expression. Train them to play a musical instrument and sing with them as they play.

Also, you can sing with them nursery school rhymes, holiday songs, and other fun tunes. You can also add some dancing as this will make it even more fun.

Encourage outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are not only good for your kid’s health but also for their mental development. A 2007 study revealed that humans learn new word faster after exercising.

Being outdoors also increases your child’s curiosity and knowledge about nature. You can take walks with them, allow them to help you with gardening and talk about plants and animals.

Feed them well in the morning

Proper feeding in the morning is vital for a child’s successful day. Ensure that their breakfast is nutritious by including proteins, whole grains, and some vegetables. Minimise their sugar intake by limiting or completely removing snacks.

Children need to be well nurtured during their formative stage to promote their mental development. The strategies discussed above will help your child become intelligent.