An Upgrade You Should Definitely Invest in for Your Home Now

An Upgrade You Should Definitely Invest in for Your Home Now

New Water Heater For Your Salt Lake City HomeWhen a water heater fails, it usually does so in a sudden manner. At this point, you can either choose to have it repaired or replaced by a professional, licensed plumber. However, before you choose the former, take into consideration the benefits of having a new one. 

One of the primary good that will come out of investing in a new water heater for your Salt Lake City home is the expectance of lower utility bills: both in terms of heating and water usage dollars.

Age matters

On average, water heaters, as long as their owners have taken good care of them, can last anywhere from 10 to 12 years. So when yours has already lasted more than this, now is a great time for you to get a new one instead of just constantly having it fixed. While repairs have an initially lower cost, these expenses will pile up over time and you may just regret not having it replaced sooner.

Getting even more than what your old unit delivered

Once you do decide your better off with a new hot water system, do not fall into the temptation of buying the same exact model or unit, even if it did serve you well. Know that water heaters have undergone a lot of improvements and updates over the years, making them better performing, more energy efficient, and water-saving.

Newer models also boast of more eco-friendly features, so do not forget to ask your plumber about these green products.

More stars, more savings

There is a reason why you will find Energy Star ratings on a lot of residential and commercial products, water heaters included. These Energy Star qualified appliances passed the rigorous standards set by the United States Department of Energy when it comes to energy-efficiency, performance, eco-friendliness, and overall performance. The more stars the product has, the more savings you can get out of it.

While you may have to spend more on getting a new water heater, think about all the benefits it will give you. You will then realize that the extra expense is definitely worth it, especially in the long run.