Look Out: Are Your Kids Safe from These Unassumingly Risky Home Stuff?

Look Out: Are Your Kids Safe from These Unassumingly Risky Home Stuff?

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily the outside world that draws kids closer to danger. It’s your very home. Unfortunately, a lot of parents are oblivious to the hazards in their personal space. Not entirely their mistake, though, because these hazards often don’t look dangerous. But of course, the best safety game plan is anticipating all the possible risks, including those that don’t appear like one. That said, watch out for this dangerous stuff hiding in plain sight at your home:

Clothing Hampers

What? How can these almost-unnoticeable, too-common-of-a-sight stuff be dangerous to kids? Well, they can cause eye injuries. When the wire breaks away from the cloth mesh and kids just so happen to play house with them, they might sting their eyes with it unintentionally. Such injury can easily send them to the emergency room for immediate surgery. The worst thing that could happen here is, your child may lose their sight. One way to avoid this mess is to consider switching to the wicker basket type of hampers. Without wires, there’s less risk for eye injuries. You can also conceal the containers, say, in a locked cabinet.

Fridge Magnets

They’re cute and colorful. They’re souvenirs from your travels around the world and your friends’ too. Your kids see them every day, but nothing dangerous has happened yet. What then is the fuss? Well, that’s the operative word: yet. Nothing happened yet. But there’s a possibility in the future that your kid can ingest it or choke on it. Your kids can easily mistake those cute strawberries and tomatoes for candies. They’re likely to suffer terrible abdominal pain when magnets end up in their stomachs. To prevent this, display magnets in elevated areas when kids aren’t able to reach it. Or have those that are big enough not to be a choking hazard.
garage with a closed door

Garage Doors

Remember that news about the 3-year old who took a ride on their garage door when her mom turned her back? Thankfully, that ended on a happy note. But you know that things could have turned out differently if that girl wasn’t able to maintain her grip. Of course, it’s also worth noting that remote controls are another kind of dangerous. When used as a toy to play with other kids, the device can become dysfunctional, and thus increase the risk of crush injuries. To avoid all these, make sure that there are no kids near the door whenever you open or close it. Have it inspected regularly, along with the garage door opener, Salt Lake City-based specialists remind.

Detergent Pods

They’re popping in bright, wild colors. They come in fun shapes and sizes. Just like the fridge magnets, your kids may assume that they’re candies. You know well that that’s not good news. These pods are essentially chemicals; thus, they’re toxic. They can cause eye problems, lung inflammation, central nervous system depression, and many more severe conditions. So if you can do away with this stuff, please do so. For the safety of your children.

Is Your Home Safe?

Again, it’s not just the outside world posing a risk to your kids. Your very home is filled with hazards, too. Watch out for this unassumingly dangerous stuff.