The Truth about the Tooth: What’s the Big Deal about Chipped Tooth?

The Truth about the Tooth: What’s the Big Deal about Chipped Tooth?

A chipped tooth may seem like a minor problem you can encounter when playing sports or enduring an accident. It’s no wonder then that people don’t feel like taking it to the dentist. Some would even say, it’s just a small flaw in appearance. But the truth is, it’s no petty issue. You should consult your dentist as soon as possible to get it fixed.

Tooth Hurts

Tooth sensitivity is one of the things you can expect from a chipped tooth. The damage creates an opening in the enamel of the tooth, which then exposes the delicate inner structures of the tooth to air, temperatures, and tiny particles of food. You may not feel the sensitive tooth at the time of the accident per se, but eventually, you will. When you eat ice cream or sip coffee. When you brush or floss, even. Fortunately, tooth sensitivity from a chipped tooth usually means you only have a mild case of the problem. According to practitioners offering emergency dental care in Meridian, such cases can be treated by just smoothing or polishing the tooth. In other instances, they use fillings. This restores the appearance of your pearly whites.

In instances when the damage to the tooth is extensive, you may be more at risk for cavities. As mentioned above, the problem creates an opening for particular stuff to go in the interior part of the tooth, and that includes bacteria. As the bacteria weakens the enamel and the nerve inside the tooth gets infected, decays are most likely to happen, tooth loss even. In these cases, you may have to get a root canal. The dentist may also recommend veneers or crowns to bring back your natural smile.

<h2Prevention, Better than Cure

Of course, the top priority in health concerns is still prevention. The most effective is wearing a mouthguard when playing sports. Use one that fits rightly into your mouth, so it’s comfortable and won’t get in the way of the important moments in the game. At the same time, it’s worth taking note that it’s not just engaging in sports that make you at risk for a chipped tooth. Teeth grinding, for instance, can result in the same problem. That’s why dentists also recommend mouthguards to those who have this bad nighttime habit. Using your pearly whites as a tool, say, to open bottles, bite on nails, or untie knots, can leave you with a chipped tooth. Your teeth may be strong, but it’s not built to withstand pressure from these mindless quirks.

Finally, the food you eat matters as well. Remember, the harder the food is, the more likely it will break your tooth. You may unconsciously bite down on the bone part when enjoying ribs or chicken legs. You may unintentionally run your teeth against the cob when getting the corn grains. Not that you should avoid these, but be more mindful when eating.

It’s a Big Deal

Close up of yellow teeth

As much as chipped tooth looks like a minor problem, it’s worth having it checked. Always. Talk to your dentist as soon as you can when you encounter this issue.