Hard Truths About Tooth Decay

Hard Truths About Tooth Decay

Kid with tooth decayTooth decay affects both children and adults. There are dental procedures to treat tooth decay, but some people disregard the options thinking the condition is nothing serious. If you are thinking this way, too, then you might change your mind after reading these facts on tooth decay.

FACT #1: Tooth decay can cause bad breath.

In most cases, bad breath, also known as halitosis, is caused by different oral sources such as gum disease, poor oral hygiene, and food particles trapped within cracks in dental fillings. Tooth decay is also a common cause of bad breath, according to Web MD.

FACT #2: Severe tooth decay can be deadly.

While tooth decay is not directly linked to heart disease, it is a common cause of gum problem. And gum problem is linked to heart disease, as streptococcus bacteria enter the bloodstream and reach the heart through gum openings. This can also lead to stroke.

FACT #3. Tooth decay can cause tooth loss.

The teeth are protected with a hard covering called the enamel. The acids from foods we eat attack the teeth damaging the enamel. When this happens often, the enamel is weakened exposing the softer layer of the teeth. This may also cause infection resulting in abscessed teeth. Extraction may be recommended when the root is damaged.

Treatment for Tooth Decay

There are dental procedures to treat tooth decay. However, the severity of the tooth decay determines the right procedure one needs. For mild decay, Tring dentists typically recommend dental fillings. A crown may be considered for a severe cavity. But if the pulp of the tooth is infected, then a root canal is the option.

Tooth decay can be prevented!

There are steps you can do to avoid tooth decay and these expensive dental procedures.

  • Proper oral hygiene remains the best way to avoid cavities.
  • You should also visit your dentist twice each year for professional cleaning.
  • Avoid too many sugary foods and drink plenty of water to rinse after you eat.

Tooth decay does not only affect one’s productivity and mood. It is also painful and deadly. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Practice oral hygiene and have your teeth checked by your dentist regularly to avoid tooth decay.