Common Tree Pruning Practices You Should Avoid

Common Tree Pruning Practices You Should Avoid

Tree Pruning PracticesPruning is one of the necessary maintenance practices that can significantly improve the health of your trees by eliminating weak or dead branches. In addition, pruning minimises hazards such as tree failure, falling limbs, and hanging branches.

For some homeowners, pruning trees is an easy task that requires simple garden tools and a chainsaw. Pruning trees by yourself can expose you to injuries, not to mention the damage you may cause on the trees. That is why it's important to hire an experienced tree service company. Apart from this, note the costly mistakes you need to avoid:

Ignoring safety measures

Most people forget to take caution when pruning their trees. You should never trim a tree from your ladder. If you can’t trim while you’re down, hire a tree service expert. Other people make work easier by climbing a tree with the cutting tools. This can be fatal, as you may fall and hurt yourself. Wearing safety goggles and a hardhat should is also important.

Using blunt tools

Using old and blunt tools not only make work physically challenging, but also give the tree a rugged finish. As the professionals of Beaver Tree Services explain, this may harm your trees and weaken the branches over time. Hiring expert tree service providers makes work easier, as they come with their own equipment.

Over pruning

Never cut more than 25% of the tree, especially if it's old. Old trees take longer to heal compared to young ones. Over lifting also contributes to damage, as it exposes the upper part of the tree and cause branches to fall.

There's more to pruning than simply cutting away those excess branches. Hire professionals to assist with your tree pruning project.