5 Most Valuable Brands Worldwide

5 Most Valuable Brands Worldwide

brand shoesActors and models have made normal men conscious about their appearance and outfit. During the old days, the quality of the products was the first consideration when buying clothes. Today, the name of a label is more important than ever before.

People are willing to spend a significant amount just to adorn themselves with the latest creations of a popular clothing line. This is why many clothing brands for men have been seen producing more collections.

If you want to know which brands famous personalities of the world favour, here is the list:


Just after a year it launched, the clothes and shoes of Nike quickly became popular. It has been tagged as the world’s leading athletic apparel maker. From football stars to popular rappers, the Nike brand has an undeniably large following.

10 Deep

This brand has been a leader in street wear since 1995. Fashion enthusiasts know that 10 Deep in the UK is a top brand that looks good with anything. Their clothes are second to none and are sure to make heads turn. Their tees, hoodies, jackets and button ups are made of quality materials to ensure comfort.


The sporting goods company continues to generate impressive sales growth because of their basic yet quality products. Popular basketball players like Derrick Rose, David Beckham and Dwight Howard endorse this brand.

The Hundreds Clothing

The Hundreds Clothing has become one of the biggest names in street wear. The branded founded by Bobby and Ben offers a big selection of graphic tees, jackets, headgears and denim.

Rebel 8 Clothing

Rebel8 is an internationally recognised brand. Their apparels are born out of lively graffiti and tattoo. People love this brand because their pieces are simple yet creative.

Fashion is an art and the clothes you wear are works of art. Choosing branded over replicas is still the preferred way to make a true fashion statement.


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