Why Brits have a Longstanding Obsession with High-End Street Wear

Why Brits have a Longstanding Obsession with High-End Street Wear

street wearSome people think that the usual British attire consists of fancy suits, hats and long coats. But in reality, they dress just like the next man. In fact, one thing they have in common with other Western countries is their longstanding obsession with street wear.

5 Pointz agrees that many people are still wearing jeans and hoodies wherever they go.  Street wear is popular despite the Brits’ tendency to bounce between tradition and fashion. Here are some of the reasons for their enduring love affair with street wear:

It is everywhere

Accessibility is one reason people love street clothes. These are available in retail stores and even in e-commerce websites, thus making shopping an enjoyable endeavour. That, and the fact that these clothes are more affordable than other attire, give them an instant place in the wardrobe.

Positive impressions

The positive impressions that street clothes leave is another reason that makes street wear a lasting cultural phenomenon and not just a trend. Adidas sneakers look cool and sporty whilst boots exude a fashion forward sense. T-shirts and hoodies give off the impression of casual, effortless style as well.

No limits

People love street wear because existing fashion norms do not limit it. Unlike formal attire, which is defined by suits or dresses, there are no hard and fast rules in wearing street clothes. People can mix and match any style and still look just as good.

Custom-fit to personality

People love street wear because it brings out their personality and originality. As there are many ways to wear such clothes, they can choose the ones that define them best. The flexibility of such clothes even allow people to start new street wear brands by trying out different styles.


Street wear may never go out of style, not when these connect with certain groups. Rappers usually consider t-shirts, rugged pants and hoods as their signature look. People would usually see skateboarding enthusiasts in t-shirts, shorts and sneakers.

These reasons just imply that street wear is indispensable in British culture. It will not be just a passing trend but an evolving standard as people continue to create and recreate it.