Computer and Wardrobe Update: Designing Custom Shirts Using Inkscape

Computer and Wardrobe Update: Designing Custom Shirts Using Inkscape

There comes a time when you can’t find anything to wear, even though you have a closet full of clothes. You may feel embarrassed when you meet someone wearing the same shirt as you, or when your old shirts are too worn out to use again. These are signs you need a wardrobe update.

The Solution

Custom printed shirts are among the top options for many. You can put whatever design you want on there, and thankfully, you can do it without breaking your wallet. All you’ll need is to buy some quality plain clothes, download Inkscape for your Windows 7 computer to make the design, and have everything ready.

designer shirt

The Design

Browse online and look for Inkscape download for Windows 7, or any other design software you want to use. The beauty here is that you have complete freedom to design anything you want. You decide how big the image is, what colors it will be, and how it will look like when finished. Inkscape’s vector tools also allow you to play around with the design.

The Print

After you’ve tinkered with your Inkscape for Windows 7 and finally decided on a design, you can print it on the shirt on your own or have a shirt printing company do it for you.

With just a bit of creativity, effort, and patience, you can upgrade your wardrobe and keep up with the latest fashion trends, all without spending a lot.