Lock Down: FTP A History

Lock Down: FTP A History

If you Download Filezilla for Mac today, you will be getting an FTP for an extensive network setup that is secure. This is something that doesn’t seem like much, but was a real problem to get a decade ago. During the Internet’s infancy, users needed a system that allowed them to move documents from one host to another. File transfer protocols were designed to do just that over a TCP-based network that would later become what everyone knows today as the Internet.


Security wasn’t the utmost priority of FTP; rather, it put emphasis on speed and convenience. Hackers did not exist at the time, and even rudimentary coding skills were enough to crack and extract information from data connections. In 1999, a network group compiled a list of weaknesses the system was vulnerable for. The most serious of those weaknesses was (packet capture) sniffing. This is because FTP back then wasn’t encrypted. All the information was in clear text; usernames, passwords, commands, and data were all easily readable.

Security however, is an assurance when you download Filezilla for Mac, as encryption programs have become more sophisticated through the years. Though they aren’t invulnerable, they can still give you the peace of mind you need when transferring sensitive files.