3 Disturbing Drawbacks of Buying Used Vehicles from Auction Houses

3 Disturbing Drawbacks of Buying Used Vehicles from Auction Houses

Buying Used CarAuction houses tend to be the most economical route to buy a used car in Queensland compared to dealerships. It’s a great venue to find and drive home vehicles well below their market value, and therefore, saving you money.

They’re not without drawbacks, however. The disadvantages of buying motor vehicles from auctions usually outnumber and outweigh the advantages. If you’re imprudent and not-that-savvy buyer, there’s a good chance you might get the short end of the stick:

You May Buy a Vehicle ‘As Is’

It’s not uncommon for auction houses to disallow vehicle inspections and test-drives. More often than not, you’d have to rely solely on visual checks, making it impossible for you to spot mechanical problems prior to the sale.

Unlike buying from established car dealers in Ipswich, Boettcher Motors noted that your purchase might not come with any warranty or a cooling-off period. This can be seriously risky because the chances of driving home a used vehicle with undiscovered, major flaws is high.

You May Buy Something More than It’s Worth

As auctions are based on stiff competition between buyers, fierce bidding could unreasonably inflate vehicle pricing. Especially if you don’t have any clue about how much the market value of the vehicles on auction, you might unintelligently buy a car and overspend your budget.

You May Be Tricked

Sadly, many auction houses use black tactics to earn more profits. Winding back the odometer is one of the common ways some auctioneers do to make their vehicles more attractive. By not disclosing the actual mileage, motor vehicles can seem more valuable and less susceptive to breakdowns.

As you may have little means to find out the real number of kilometres the vehicle has done, it can be deceivingly old on the inside. Know what to look for to avoid being tricked.

Auction houses are probably the worst place to buy a high-quality, used vehicle. If you want more security on your purchase, you’re better off with motor dealers.