Buying Your First Car: Surge of Electric Vehicles

Buying Your First Car: Surge of Electric Vehicles

New Zealand is home to one of the purest air in the world. Carbon emissions and other pollutants are controlled and well-regulated by the authorities. However, emissions that are mainly due to vehicles remain high, especially during the summer season. Given this, you are probably concerned with the carbon footprint that you would leave behind once you acquire your first vehicle.

A significant dilemma lies in front of you – will you get your first traditional car or an electric one, which is on the rise in Auckland and the rest of NZ.

What Do the Numbers Say?

Recent data indicate that more than 15,400 electric vehicles have been registered and currently plying the roads of New Zealand. According to the government, the number of electric vehicle owners has tripled since 2017. NZ authorities and even the private sector fully support the use of such vehicles. This year alone, the government and the private industries released more than approximately 16 million NZ dollars in support of the rising number of electric vehicle owners.

The money is poured into various infrastructures, such as charging areas and in trial runs aimed at the long-term use of electric vehicles in the heavy construction and industrial sectors. The government aims to further reduce emissions from the transport sector, which is approximately 19 percent of the country’s total emissions.

Getting an Electric Car: What’s the Catch?

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Surely, you might be thinking, what is the catch? Unfortunately, there is one. The only thing that will set you back from getting your first electric vehicle is its price. Popular car dealers carry almost all brands, from Isuzu, Kia, and Honda to Tesla, which may range from 40,000 to 128,000 NZ dollars. However, do not lose hope yet because there is an auto dealer that is sure to give you a reasonable price.

For example, used electric car models from Mitsubishi and Peugeot start at a measly 12,000 NZ dollars, while other high-end models, including Jaguar and Toyota, start at 35,000 NZ dollars.

Thinking about the possibility that one day all cars will run on renewable energy is exciting. And for many others, this may happen in the not so distant future. Lower emissions and lower costs equal sustainable and pollution-free environment. Visit your local car dealer to know more about electric vehicles.

Not a Dilemma After All

Many people agree that electric vehicles that run on renewable energy are the future. You can start by deciding whether or not it is worth it to join in the “electric vehicle” revolution. The benefits of having an electric vehicle outweigh its downsides relatively. You do not only help the government and the environment; you will also save a significant amount of money in the long run. Imagine the savings you can get when you use renewable energy to run your ride.

Furthermore, the performance of an electric vehicle is comparable to a traditional car that runs on gas. Services for conventional automobiles are also applicable to electric vehicles. Such services include park and rides, carpooling services, and parking.