Granite: The Cost-Efficient Choice for Countertops

Granite: The Cost-Efficient Choice for Countertops

Almost all home design experts agree that when it comes to countertops, granite is the number one choice. On first sight, granite doesn’t seem to be special – it’s just a light colored igneous rock, after all.Where it holds its edge is in its inherent density and its quartz and/or silica content that gives it a polished shine. These traits make the material the ideal choice for custom work on kitchen counters.


A Sound Investment

Although the initial cost of installing a granite countertop seems steep, it is actually a smart investment. The folks at Lingo Countertops say that granite is simply timeless, which means there is no need for regular repairs and other types of maintenance work. It is a material that never goes out of style and integrates easily into any home kitchen design.

A Flexible Material

Granite comes in an array of colors and design patterns. What makes it really special is its innate quality to be polished to an extremely smooth finish. Interestingly, each slab is different. Therefore, homeowners enjoy a unique look with every piece, whether it is for the kitchen counter or the bathroom sink.

A Durable Choice

Granite is a material known for its durability. It is one of the toughest quarried materials for domestic use. It has high resistance against scratching, staining, and chipping. Additionally, it can tolerate high levels of heat quite well. It is also a safe choice, considering that bacteria and mold do not grow easily on this surface. Put simply, granite countertops can stay spotless and unblemished for a long time.

Of course, although granite is dependable and durable, you still need to keep your investment from normal wear and tear. You may have to reseal the counter annually, especially when you use the counter quite often. Regular maintenance is pretty straight forward as you only need soap and sponge to clean off the debris and dirt. As long as you avoid any abrasive cleaner like acid-based ones, you can keep your investment in top shape.


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