The Secrets to (Successfully) Crowd funding a Film

The Secrets to (Successfully) Crowd funding a Film

One of the main challenges of being an indie filmmaker is finding enough money to fund your entire project. Fortunately, today’s filmmakers have slightly easier, thanks to crowd funding.


As with anything else, there are two sides to this coin. The good news is that most opinion leaders believe crowd funding is here to stay, which means you have plenty of opportunities to start your project and make things work. The not-so-good news is that not every campaign succeeds, which means you should know what you’re doing while promoting your project.

If you want to crowd fund your film project, heed these secrets to make it a success:

Send a Strong Message

In crowd funding, you have to justify that your film is worth spending on – and you can only do this when you have a strong message to say on your campaign page in Kick starter, IndieGoGo, or whatever platform you’re using.

This means you have to write a well-crafted synopsis of your story. It would be better if you can produce a teaser or trailer for your film. According to Motion Elements, with the right mix of stock footage, actual scenes, and music, you can weave a compelling teaser/trailer that people would be more than happy to fund.

Use Your Connections

Creative people tend to network with fellow creative people. You have to tap into this network to spread the word about your project. After all, the only way you could achieve that funding goal is to inform people about your project. If it’s possible, get someone influential online to promote your campaign.

Come Up With Creative Rewards

Rewards make the crowd funding world go round. Apart from seeing your project to fruition, you should offer something else to sponsors. Of course, the basic ideas include customized T-shirts, caps, and production memorabilia, but there are many ways you can take this up a notch.

Some successful campaigns have banked on unique, limited-edition items that they offered as perks for those who would donate a sizable amount. This could be something from your personal collection or a very special item that people would want to have.

Crowd funding may be a challenging route to take when you want to produce your own film, but it’s a very viable channel. With the right strategy, you can achieve your goals and produce your feature film through the power (and funds) of your online connections.



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