Donating Your Car and Help Fight Society’s Injustices

Donating Your Car and Help Fight Society’s Injustices

car donationA used vehicle need not lie idle in your home. You can sell it, but if you cannot find the right buyer, just donate the car to a charitable organization. Did you know that by donating your car you could not only be helping someone in need, but will also join the crusade against some of society’s pressing concerns?

Read on for more information about car charities.

Charities and Donated Cars

Many charities accept donated cars. You can get information about most of them online. Most such charities will even offer to pick up the car for you. All you need to do is to find the right charity.

What Would They Do With an Old Car?

This is a good question, considering that you want your old vehicle to find proper use (and not just so you can dispose them). In fact, the charity can do several things with a donated car. Some of the typical purposes include:

  • Donate directly to a needy person.
  • Sell many donated cars en masse or through a dealer for little to no commission.
  • Use the cash thus obtained for funding various organizational requirements.
  • Use the vehicle themselves such as for transportation and lifting of goods.
Helping Fund Other Charities says that some of the cars they receive help in the fight against drunk driving. These cars fund the effort for the victims of drunk driving and the families they leave behind, or support awareness programs to improve road safety for everyone.

Other car donation outfits funnel the funds from car donations to other purposes. Some fight certain illnesses or help fund the research for such diseases, while still others channel the cash to support education, drug rehabilitation, and other charities.

Do not fret that you are unable to find a good buyer. Simply donate your used car and help society become a safer – and happier – place to be in.


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