Reviving the Bayanihan Spirit: Ways to Cultivate Unity Among Filipinos

Reviving the Bayanihan Spirit: Ways to Cultivate Unity Among Filipinos

bayanihanFilipinos live and breathe Bayanihan or the spirit of unity and cooperation, as shown during storm surges and revolutions in the past. Today, the unpleasant news about corruption and poverty in the country makes them wonder if it’s real or merely an ideal to aspire to. The good news is, it’s possible to revive the Bayanihan spirit among Filipinos, and it starts with you.

Here are some ways you can contribute to society and revive the Bayanihan spirit among Filipinos:

Donate your smarts

Use your talents for a cause. Write thought-provoking articles and novels of problems in the Philippines. Share your pictures to others if you’re an avid photographer. Juan Portrait says that taking pictures for a cause is a way of giving back to the community and capturing the Filipino spirit. Display your arts and musings about the country in public to promote awareness among Filipinos.

Give away your stuff

If you have many unused things in your home, why don’t you give them away? There will always be someone in need of them. You’ll not only get rid of unnecessary stuff but also help people in the process. Convince your friends and family to donate their old things to charities and relief operations. Use social media. Don’t bash or post trivial matters in your social networking account all the time.

Use social media responsibly by sharing everyday issues that need addressing. Use your account to promote events that help unfortunates. Be a bayan patroller and report important matters of the state. With this, you create awareness and need for action to others.

Join organizations & events

Taking an active stance in non-profit organizations and events will help cultivate unity among Filipinos. Participate in development projects, relief operations and other charity events. Promote large-scale donation drives to encourage others to share their possessions. By setting yourself as an example, you encourage other people to follow, too.

Whatever you do affects people around you. Working for a cause not only provides opportunities for betterment for others and gives you life with purpose. With you and other Filipinos taking the lead, reviving the Bayanihan Spirit won’t be impossible.


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