Exquisite Ways to Spend Australia’s Many Holidays

Exquisite Ways to Spend Australia’s Many Holidays

ANZAC biscuitsAustralia is one of the countries known for its numerous specials days and events. Combining it with the diverse landscape and culture, it gives people another reason tour around the country. Apart from a good opportunity to visit places, each state in Australia has a few traditions worth seeing.

Here are just a few highlights of Australian Holiday Celebrations.

The Restaurateur’s Expertise

In all parts of the globe, restaurants tend to pull off the best holiday gimmicks. Australian restaurants are no different. While they deck out their decorations and whip up special menus for known holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, they can create dedicated menus as well. A fine example would be the ANZAC biscuits from manolasbros.com.au, which have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Get into Sports, Mate!

Most Australian holidays entail large competitions. Do not confuse it with the after-Christmas “Boxing Day,” as it refers to the traditional day-off of servants as they receive their Christmas boxes from their employers. Yet, most states commemorate this event with a yacht race in Sydney, cricket matches in Melbourne, etc. Football leagues and other competitions happen on other special days like Queen’s Day.

The Australian Barbecue and Picnic

Most Aussies use their long weekends to spend time with their families, which usually involve picnics or the classic afternoon barbecue. This is usually the case during Labour Day and Christmas, which falls midsummer in the country. It is a Christmas tradition to go on a family picnic at Bondi beach in Sydney.

Parties, Parades and Adventure

Occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Australia Day deserve a nice fireworks display for the audience. Apart from that, parades for ANZAC day and Labour Day often happen in different states. Many take the opportunity to hike and camp with their families.

Spending holidays in different places is a culture-enriching activity. It gives you a chance to learn about the country’s history. It provides a glimpse into the people’s traditions and practices as well. Lastly, it highlights the beauty of the land that isn’t typically seen in normal travelling schedules.


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