Takeaway Stress: How These Can Affect Your Dental Health

Takeaway Stress: How These Can Affect Your Dental Health

StressTakeaways are a busy man’s best friend, especially on days you feel unusually fatigued. Cooking takes a lot of time, and the fastest way to get food would be to order from the nearest The Burger House Lab or the Ganges. Your dinner can cause your dentist distress, however, as certain food can stain your teeth.

Teeth Whitening in the UK

It seems that Brits have already succumbed to the belief that whiter teeth account for a younger, happier you. For stained teeth, most people turn to teeth whitening in Shrewsbury. This cosmetic dental procedure has been increasing in popularity worldwide, and over the past few years, people have been spending tonnes of money to make sure that their teeth are sparkly white.

There are two ways on how you can whiten your teeth. There is the in-office solution, which can take around one or two visits, and at-home kits, which you can buy from drugstores and can be provided by your dentist.

How Your Favourite Takeaways Can Damage Your Teeth

If you are a fan of Chinese and Indian cuisine, then you are probably aware of its most common ingredients – curry powder and soy sauce. Unfortunately, heavily pigmented food such as these can contribute to stained teeth. Not so keen on eating broccoli? Well, you should start having them as appetisers because they, along with spinach, form a protective film over your gnashers, making them less prone to stains.

Having coloured beverages, such as wine and soda, can also result in discolouration so, watch out for that.

The next time you opt for takeaway on a lazy night, think about your food choices and how these could affect your dental health. While there is nothing wrong about cheating on your diet sometimes, make sure that you do this in moderation and do not forget to visit your dentist regularly along with brushing and flossing your teeth.