Learn about the Hidden Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill

Learn about the Hidden Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry in Kings Hill

Dentist discussing using a monitorWhether it is for a job interview or a date, having a beautiful, straight and spotless set of teeth is a big deal. First impressions are important and for many people practising good oral hygiene at home can go a long way towards helping them keep their teeth and gums looking healthy. However, this is not always enough. Sometimes genetics or certain medications can leave the teeth looking worse for wear. And then of course is the build-up of stains from food and drink over the years. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has the answer.

Cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill can help patients with stained, missing, crooked, chipped or cracked teeth. Frequent consumption of caffeine can lead to yellowed teeth, whereas bad habits such as teeth grinding can lead to chipped or cracked teeth. From teeth whitening to dental veneers, cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill with an experienced dentist, such as One Smile Oral Care, offers several ways for patients to improve their smile.

No reason to avoid smiling

People who undergo cosmetic dentistry in Kings Hill are less likely to hide their smile at work, at home and when out and about. This can ease their interactions with others. Not feeling their best about their teeth can stop them from achieving their full potential. Now, thanks to innovative and effective cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, Invisalign and dental veneers, people can show off their smile in public without worry.

No more food restrictions

Sometimes it is difficult to bite and chew properly with crooked, spaced out or crowded teeth. With Invisalign, a type of cosmetic braces, patients can enjoy mealtimes more with a set of straight teeth at work. Moreover, during treatment they can continue to eat a range of foods as these braces are removable and come out at mealtimes.

Is it possible to look younger?

Many people rely on cosmetic dentistry in order to achieve a youthful look and for good reason. Dark, stained and yellow teeth can make someone look older. Some patients choose to complement their teeth whitening with facial aesthetics such as Botox or dermal fillers for an even more youthful appearance.