Dental Implant Maintenance: What You and Your Dentist Can Do

Dental Implant Maintenance: What You and Your Dentist Can Do

Dental ImplantsWhen you get dental implants, you should know how to take care of them. It is not enough to let them be. You have to make sure that you and your dentist work together to maintain each implant properly, and you can do so by following this guide:

Minimise Damage

Minimise damage right away by asking your dentist which they will use — plastic or nylon sheaths. These high-frequency vibration instruments clean and flush out residue and bacteria in your mouth. Keep your implants clean right from the start to prevent bacteria from having a starting point.

Use Scalers and Curettes

These instruments clean the implants without damaging the crown or any of its parts. Highly polished and often made of resin or plastic, many hygienists use scalers and curettes to avoid scratches when cleaning. Unlike natural teeth, and other dental professionals say that implants may get scratches if you use metal instruments on their surface.

Get Rid of Biofilm

Biofilms (or dental plaque when formed on the tooth surface) keep the implants from being clean and fresh, so it is right that you clean them. Proper brushing is important because it helps remove biofilms that may later cause dental problems. Ask your dentist for special brushes if you have dental cement or calculus implants so that you will not damage or scratch them.

Check for Visible Part of the Implant

If there are visible parts, this might mean that bone or gum loss is happening. Of course, it is a sign that you have to see your dentist right away. Make sure that roughing is not too much, though. Roughing is what keeps the implants in place, but you have to make sure that they are still gentle.

While you have to be mindful of all these, implants are 95% successful. It is best that you take caution to make sure it properly works — but do not forget to smile, too.