3 Ways to Improve Your Event Photography Skills

3 Ways to Improve Your Event Photography Skills

Photography Event in Singapore Capturing memories that will last a lifetime is awesome. Keeping a tangible photo is lovely. That is the magic that a photograph has. It makes people relive the sweetest memories that they had and reminisce the good times.

Whether you are in it for the passion, the looks of your subjects’ faces when they see the photo, or everything else in between, an event photographer will always be someone respected. Here are three ways to improve your event photography skills.


Although the body of the camera is important as well, the lens that you have will dictate what kind of shot you would get. Invest in different kinds of lenses to ensure you’d get the best shot every time. Use wide angle lenses when you are shooting establishing shots or groups of people, zoom lenses when you need to zoom in on your subject from far away, and the trusty prime lens that is great for shooting portraits. Knowing what kind of lens for that specific shot is key to making the shot look breathtaking.


We live in an instant world. People want to have things at a moment’s notice. You should always be free when someone wants a shoot with you. That means always cleaning your lenses and cameras, charging all the batteries that you have, having spare batteries and memory cards with you, and storing the files on your past memory cards to keep them empty for the next shoot to come.

There are also other ways to be quick such as investing in a portable printer, as suggested by Brady South Asia. Take a shot of your subject in a minute and print the photograph in the next. Your customers will be awed and pleased that you have such a quick service.


Even if you have the subject in the frame but the background or foreground does not tell a story, it would not be a striking photo to your customers. It is important to learn the rule of thirds and get the composition right. Before you press that trigger, find a good background for the subject, make sure all the lines in the background are straight and pose the subject.

Being an event photographer is great because you can see in your very own eyes the memories that your subject’s have and you have the ability to keep them forever. Knowing that people would look back to your photographs is a blessing in it itself. Hopefully, there three tips would help you become a greater event photographer.