Every Bride’s Guide to Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

Every Bride’s Guide to Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

Wedding in ColoradoIt’s a fact: every bride wants beautiful wedding photos.

Despite the desire to look perfect in every photo, many brides fear awkward results, since it’s their first time in front of a professional camera, or the first time they are the focus of such attention. A double chin or something more unflattering is the last thing any bride wants for her wedding photos.

Capturing perfect shots on your special day is not an impossible task. With the help of your trusted photographers and a few posing techniques, candid shots and other pictures from your wedding will result in beautiful memories that are meant to last forever.

Finding the right one (photographer) for your special day

Elati Wedding Photography believes that the right photographer is the first step towards beautiful wedding pictures. It is essential to find a photographer who’s on the same page you are. Otherwise, you might end up with photos that fall short of your expectations.

Start your search by having consultations with photographers. Discuss matters such as candid and posed shots, backdrops, themes, etc. Also, don’t forget to consider each photographer’s style before hiring one.

Strike a pose — there’s nothing to it

While it’s up to your photographer to take good shots, it’s also your job to pose right.

Remember to always stand tall and straight whenever and wherever you are. This may seem like a challenge for a bride wearing heels all day, but try your very best not to slouch. Standing tall gives you that elegant aura that only belongs to happy brides on their wedding day.

Fitness Magazine also suggests not facing the camera straight on. According to them, facing the lens makes your chest, hips, and chin larger than your real size. Remember to stand and twist your waist slightly sideways when looking at the photographer. This way, you trim your midsection and place emphasis on your curves.

Nail the perfect wedding smile

Brides with the perfect smile look best — especially in the photos. In order to nail your smile, make sure you whiten your teeth and use the right lipstick. It also helps to work your best angle by staring at the mirror and figuring your good angles. With proper posture, your good angles will place emphasis on your smile.

Get picture perfect wedding photos by following the steps above. But wedding photos aside, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your special day.


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  1. My wedding photos were half and half: some awkward, some good. It all depends on how the brides enjoy their day; it shows on the photos.

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