Jacket Pride: The Confidence that Comes with the Varsity Jacket

Jacket Pride: The Confidence that Comes with the Varsity Jacket

Varsity JacketsBeing a part of a team, organization or a group is an exciting experience — especially in university.

As an individual, your pride stems from gaining a sense of belongingness. In doing so most join clubs and groups just to find where they are comfortable. Most of the time, pride kicks in upon becoming part of an already established team.

Admittedly, the effect of school pride becomes evident the older you get. Which is probably why seniors and jocks are the most passionate when it comes to inter-university competitions. They’d be the ones you will see with the school’s letterman jackets emblazoned with the school logo.

Aside from their pride in finishing school, they’re also proud of the institution that molded them. Let athletic apparel providers like CustomThread tell you what’s up:


Wearing that letterman jacket in public will tell the kind of people you hang out with or associate yourself with. More specifically, it symbolizes the camaraderie you share with the group. With varsity jackets, you are likely to be more confident, especially while knowing that others see you as someone who is part of an established community.


A varsity athlete jacket can be more than just a representation of an institution, it can also show an achievement attained through teamwork and hard work. This is the case most of the time, especially after having won a championship title that year or season.
This is where ‘bragging rights’ and reward reinforcement comes into the picture. Having an object that symbolizes that achievement and letting others know about it boosts pride.


What your attire represents is entirely because of its branding, especially as a sports team — be it on and off the field and in season or not. The team name and symbol becomes more than just its logo.

This validates the team’s brand and presence in the sports business and, therefore, increasing their market value. The Los Angeles Lakers being the NBA team with the highest team is one proof. A team’s brand goes beyond that of the elements of a team, therefore turning a simple name into a marketing tool, relationship, and symbol of consumer principle as well.

Let your varsity jacket do more than just protect you from the cold. Wear it with pride and be confident with the association and recognition that comes with it.


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