5 Signs You Need to Rebrand

5 Signs You Need to Rebrand

rebrandingRebranding is not light talk. It affects not just the image of the company, but the entire process and future as well. While many make the mistake of rebranding just because they are sick of their old image, do not fall for the same trap and rebrand only when it is necessary and smart move to do so.

Decrease in Sales

Companies experiencing a major decrease in sales and customers should consider rebranding. Have professionals, like the experts from The Room, look at your visual identity. Pick out what is working, and what is possibly repelling the customers, and then work around it.

Doesn’t Deliver

It may be time to rebrand if you look at your logo and it no longer reflects what your company aims to do or whom your company is for. While some may say it is all just aesthetics or cosmetic, the look and feel of a company is crucial. It has to match your philosophy and your contribution to society.

Wrong Crowd

A company or an institution’s logo should be geared toward the crowd they want to attract. If your services are attracting the wrong niche, then it might be the right time to rethink that logo. Rebranding is also an excellent tool if you are planning to change lanes and target a new audience.

Management change

A change in management can bring about a rebranding. If the new leader has a different set of values in doing and delivering business, it may also be a good time to change with the management. It allows a company to not only freshen up their workings inside, but their outward image as well.

New Direction

Companies that want to establish a new direction or expand their functions can look at rebranding as an excellent turn. Say you own a pastry shop and want to expand into a full-service café, it may be a good time to think about rebranding.

Trends in rebranding today include hiding messages behind logos and making the most out of colours, fonts, and spaces to do something clever and remarkable. More importantly, corporate logos today channel youth, clean lines, and images that specifically target their niche.


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