Marketing 101: How to Effectively Grow Brand Awareness

Marketing 101: How to Effectively Grow Brand Awareness

The industry of trade and commerce is growing increasingly competitive. If you don’t want your business to get left behind, it’s important for you to start prioritizing brand awareness.

Brand awareness pertains to the familiarity level that your defined market or consumers have with your brand, from the company’s name and logo to its characteristics. Moreover, utilizing elements that have a strong association with your business is a great way to instill it significantly on the minds of your buyers and prospects. Consider this: When your business is always being recalled by people, they are more likely to purchase your goods and avail of your services when the need comes.

A trustworthy brand image helps you build good relationships with your customers and business partners. It also supports public relations management, as it’s a lot easier to score placement or get published in print and broadcast media when your reputation is pleasant and agreeable. If you want to increase your company’s brand awareness, here are some top tips that you can apply to your marketing strategies and tactics.

Collaborate with Influencers

Andrew Medal, serial entrepreneur and digital strategist, shares in an article published by Entrepreneur that working with influencers is an effective way to boost brand recognition and stimulate sales. Social media influencers capitalize on their solid following, and their trusting followers take their words seriously, especially when it comes to reviewed products.

Invite some Internet personalities into your niche so you can also reach their audience. Start by sponsoring their content (i.e. video, blog posts) and sending freebies which they can discuss or promote on their YouTube channels or Instagram. These mentions will extend your scope and hopefully improve the public’s awareness of your brand.

Use Distinct and Registered Trademarks

trademark concept

Trademarks are any insignia or visual elements such as company names, slogans, and logos utilized to identify an enterprise’s products or distinguish them from other companies’ goods in the commercial trade. By making sure that your designs and words are unique and captivating, you can have an edge against your competitors.

It’s also important to register your trademarks because although you are already entitled to basic trademark rights upon using them in the marketplace, state registration provides you with better security and protection by granting exclusive rights. If you happen to be using the same logo as another company, you will be recognized as the legal owner and can settle any disputes that arise. You can also sue a business for its unauthorized use.

It’s especially vital to have your trademarks registered when you’re operating in Utah, Nebraska, or North Carolina, as these states are business-centered and have so many companies competing in their respective markets.

Distribute Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is promotional items bearing the name and logo of your brand or goods. By distributing branded merch like flash drives, mugs, shirts or phone chargers, you’ll be exposing your brand regularly to your consumers. This continuous exposure can help drive sales or even gain leads as they can capture the attention of people belonging in your customers’ network. Thus, while increasing the loyalty of your regulars, you’re simultaneously gaining free ambassadorship.

Brand awareness is extremely beneficial in improving your business’s visibility and profitability. If you need more specialized methods or comprehensive communication plans, consult a professional marketing company.