Athletes Who are Successful Brand Names

Athletes Who are Successful Brand Names

Athletes are becoming the face of some brands who want a piece of the pie. From basketball to tennis to football to soccer, superstar athletes are reaching their global audiences with an authentic voice that resonates.

Maybe it’s their rags to riches or underdog story that compels people to aspire to be like them. Or perhaps they simply think they are cool, regardless of the reasons some athletes shine the brightest among their peers.

When it comes to sports marketing or branding, these are the athletes that have become household names.

Michael Jordan

One of the biggest sports icons in the world is Michael Jordan. One would easily recognize his famous Jump Man logo on his shoes and sports apparel. Jordan rose to fame at a time when social media wasn’t even available. His brand has spread worldwide despite playing his last game in a Washington Wizards uniform.

He has his own label of shoes that many current NBA players wear and endorse. His Air Jordan shoes are still one of the most famous pairs with re-releases a regular thing. He is an ideal example of proper associations and branding.

His logo is one of the most popular and recognizable in the world. At the peak of his popularity, everyone wanted to be like Mike.

Serena Williams

Tennis isn’t as popular as the team sports, but some of its athletes exceed the confines of their sport, one such example is Serena Williams. She has dominated the sport and has become synonymous with women’s tennis. She has withstood the test of time and has outlasted her peers (and her sister).

She has remained in top form and is always in contention for an Open Championship. She speaks her mind, which makes her an ideal brand ambassador.

Tiger Woods

man golfingTiger Woods was at the top of his game and was synonymous with golf, but scandals took him down. He was as prominent as he was before, but like many good stories, he managed to get back up. He was able to revive his brand (and his career) as the years went on.

He fits the bill of compelling storytelling that resonates with some audiences.

LeBron James

LeBron James is still in the height of his powers despite approaching his mid-30s. He is the ideal example of the newest generation of sports superstars in the social media era. He has carefully crafted his image with many highs and lows (one of which is the much-maligned “The Decision”).

He speaks his mind about social issues and makes his values clear. He has gone beyond basketball and has diversified his brand into different business interests.

Lionel Messi

This footballer is one of not just famous, but best players in the world. People instantly recognize his name and his game. This Argentine player is the captain for the national team and the famous club, Barcelona.

He has won titles for his clubs and many individual accolades because of his scoring prowess and playmaking.

These superstar athletes have transcended their respective sports and have become synonymous with them. Their accolades and accomplishments have made them strong brand ambassadors. They have succeeded in both traditional and social media marketing.