Effective Drilling: The Essential Factors for Drilling Experts

Effective Drilling: The Essential Factors for Drilling Experts

Professional drillers have many tools that help them do their work and current technology has advanced enough to make any job easy. These new tools include diamond core drill assemblies, but the drill assembly has several parts. The assembly comprises the core barrel assembly, drill rods, reaming shell and the drill rig. The reaming shell acts as the coupling between the outer barrel and drill bits; it also reams your drill hole to its proper size. It stabilizes the drill string’s bottom and holds the counter bore’s inner tube stabilizer.

Most drillers assume that a good quality reaming shell from a certified provider will be all it needs for effective drilling, but there are other factors that matter. Many experts consider the following as vital for an effective drilling task.

The Right Amount of Water

Using a wet core bit is vital to drilling. Many assume that more water means optimal core drilling, but this is not necessarily true. As your diamond drill bit grinds the concrete, water will mix with the debris and dust to form a slurry. The slurry will cool the core bit but also guarantees the exposure of the drill bits. Too much water will, however, wash off concrete dust and leave the diamonds in your drill bit exposed. The best choice is to apply enough water that makes your slurry look like coffee with heavy cream.

The Proper Anchoring

Worker using a drillIt is essential to have proper rig anchoring to guarantee a straight core. Physical anchors are the ideal choices for drill rig anchoring. You could choose a base vacuum to generate a smooth surface for drilling and setting the anchor. But if you plan to frill into a building structure, a vacuum would not be ideal. When drilling, ensure the vacuum filter bottle you use is debris-free and include a vacuum gauge to ensure the right reading for your task.

The Right Speed

Setting your motor to an ideal RPM (revolutions per minute) reading means the difference between proper grinding and diamond segment glazing. Electric core drills have multiple speed ratings and are easy to control. Conventional brush type motors are however not as easy to control. An amp meter can help you maintain a constant RPM. Induction type motors, on the other hand, have no brushes and operate at synchronized speeds. They, therefore, have a greater RPM consistency.


You should know the ideal drilling speed to get your job done. When using an electric core drill, push your drill motor to its maximum amperage but do not exceed it. This is because an excess amperage lowers your productivity and causes your machine’s premature wear owing to overheating. Maintaining the right flow when using a hydraulic motor also guarantees the maintenance of an ideal core drilling speed.

Many basic needs in modern life rely on the resources we find by drilling. All industries that rely on drilling understand the value of these four aspects, but also know the limitations of cost, manpower and time. But with the right equipment and a deeper understanding of the correct use of these tools, businesses need not worry about any drilling job.