4 Useful DIY Tips For Your Concrete Cutting Projects

4 Useful DIY Tips For Your Concrete Cutting Projects

Concrete Cutting in ProvoBe it repairs on your concrete floors or driveways, or maintenance in your underground utilities you may at one point or another be required to break through the concrete. If you decide on a DIY project, then here are some useful tips you may use for your concrete cutting task:

Use the Appropriate Tools

Greene’s Construction shares that the correct tools will allow you to work safely and faster. A diamond saw blade is the best concrete and brick cutting tool available in Provo so far. For occasional DIY projects, you may consider hiring the machine rather than purchasing it.

Other appropriate tools that are very necessary for any concrete cutting project are a pneumatic jack and a hammer drill. Moreover, for thicker concrete surfaces, you may need power equipment such as an electric breaker.

Decide on the type of cutting

Concrete can either be cut with water (wet cutting), or without (dry cutting). Wetting cutting effectively reduces the amount of dust produced as well as keeps the cutting blade cool. On the other hand, dry cutting may be performed in work areas that lack sufficient water. This type of cutting is usually recommended for shallow concrete cutting.

Cutting Speed

The cutting speed for concrete projects will hugely depend on the power of the tools available and more importantly your proficiency. The lifespan of the blade will considerably shorten if high cutting speed is always utilized. Therefore, it is recommended that you always work under the manufacturer’s RPM speed.

Protective Gear

Before any concrete cutting DIY projects, you should always equip yourself with the appropriate protective gear. Always wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from flying concrete chips and dust, and ear plugs to limit the high noise levels from the cutting tools. In addition, you should wear a respirator to prevent inhalation of hazardous substances from the concrete.

In case you come across any problem or may need assistance in your concrete cutting task, then it is always advisable to seek the services of a professional in Provo.