Safety First! What Artists Need to Wear Before Sandblasting

Safety First! What Artists Need to Wear Before Sandblasting

Man SandblastingPeople use sandblasting for various purposes. A typical DIY application of sandblasting is removing old paint or some other material stuck on a metal surface. Others find creative uses for sandblasting. Artists, for instance, use sandblasting as an art form by etching cool designs into their art material.

If you happen to be an artist looking to utilise sandblasting as your next medium, you should know about the safety gear when operating sandblasting equipment. Failure to wear the right safety gear can result in injuries and may even lead to death. One must suffer for his art, but nobody said anything about prolonged hospitalisation.

Here are the necessary precautionary items you should put on before you use sandblasting for creative purposes:

Protective Clothing

There is a lot of dirty work involved in sandblasting and you do not want to get all that dust on your skin. If you do not have access to sandblasting suits that professionals wear, you can make do by wearing these clothes:

  • Long pants
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Gloves
  • Socks and shoes

Safety Glasses (or Goggles)

As mentioned earlier, sandblasting is dirty work and all that dust floating around can irritate your eyes. Floating particles are crazy harmful to your eyes, so make sure that you put on safety glasses or goggles before you start working.

Dust Masks

You might be downplaying the importance of dust masks, but given how tiny dust particles are, it could harm your lungs. You can develop silicosis if you inhale a high amount of silica. To prevent this, make sure that you wear, at the minimum, a dust mask. If you have the budget, you can purchase a dual respirator filter mask which is better at keeping out all the dust.

One needs not suffer for their art. You can create your next masterpiece without you getting hurt or dirty simply by wearing the appropriate safety gear.