The Passion for Entertaining: To be a Proud Singing Waiter

The Passion for Entertaining: To be a Proud Singing Waiter

Singing CareerSinging, as a career, is a difficult one to penetrate and turn into a lucrative profession. Aspiring to be a pop singer and signing a recording contract with a label is a dream for many people. The problem with this is how it can cause instability in a person’s life.

The people who choose to chase their singing dreams and try to make a living out of it often change jobs every so often. Garston Entertainments Ltd, for example, provides opportunities to people who want to venture into the field of musical artistry, among other acts. It may not be as big of a deal as living the life of an A-list celebrity, but you get to make money out of your passion.

Never Work a Day in Your Life by Doing What You Love

The entertainment industry, apart from the subjectivity of defining greatness and artistic merit, is a cutthroat pursuit — people spend their lives desperately trying to make it to the grandest of stages but fall back disappointed.

The reality is if you work hard enough on your singing talents and know the right people, you could find yourself fortunate, if not luckier, than most dreamers. But if only to sustain your daily living, you have to work. And this is where waiting tables and singing intersect — how singing waiters came to be.

Experiencing Sincere Entertainment

Sources say that the concept of singing waiters began in Hollywood. Irving Berlin, an American composer and lyricist, is amongst the greatest songwriters in American history. As part of an immigrant family in New York and with music as his only source of income, he began singing on the streets for pennies. By the age of 18, he got himself a job as a singing waiter at the Pelham Cafe and this is where he flourished.

To the delight of diners, singing waiters have become a welcome addition to cafes and restaurants. It is a profession you should not be ashamed of because it takes more than just pure talent; it also demands perseverance and physical endurance — a manifestation of sincerity to provide entertainment.